Download DataWarrior V4.7.2

Requirements: DataWarrior was developed in the Java programming language and needs a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on your computer to work. Linux distributions usually come with Java preinstalled. MacOS-X typically asks, whether to install a JRE once you try launching DataWarrior with a JRE missing. On Windows, if no JRE is installed, DataWarrior would simply refuse to start.

For Linux or on the Macintosh, to check, whether Java is installed or which version of Java is installed you may type 'java -version' in a terminal or shell. If the command 'java' is not known, you need to install a recent JRE, e.g. from the Java Download Page. DataWarrior also supports the OpenJDK or OpenJRE.
On Windows typing 'java -version' is not conclusive, because it won't detect a 32-bit Java installation on a 64 bit Windows. To check, whether and which version of Java is installed, you may follow the procedure described here.

The Linux Installer
is a .tar.gz archive with all needed files and a shell script to install files and register file types. It has been tested on multiple 32- and 64-bit distributions with Gnome, KDE and other desktops.
The MacOS-X Installer
is a .dmg image file.
The installation and file type registration is done by merely dragging the folder into your Application folder. DataWarrior is optimized for Retina displays.
The Windows Installer
is an .msi file using the Windows standard installation mechanism. Therefore, a complete de-installation can be done any time later from the Windows Control Panel. More...

All Java source files and the script to build DataWarrior on Linux/MacOSX can be downloaded here for free use under the GNU public license.